Deadline for submission: 31.03.2019


First Semester:
General EU Law

  1. The judicial system of the European Union: Pr. Vassilios Skouris, Pr. Vassilios Christianos.
  2. Freedom of movement in the EU: Pr. Fabrice Picod.
  3. EU competition law: Pr. Laurence Idot and Pr. Emmanuelle Claudel, Dr.  Eftychia Mouameletzi.

Second Semester:
European Union's area of freedom, security and justice

  1. Protection of fundamental rights in the EU: Pr. Francesco Martucci, Pr. Christina Deliyianni-Dimitrakou.
  2. Mutual trust in the European area of freedom, security and justice (AFSJ), in particular mutual recognition and enforcement of judicial decisions within the EU: Pr. Evangelos Vasilakakis.
    1. Migration law and the rights of foreigners in the EU: Pr. Edouard Dubout, Dr. Virginia Tzortzi.
    2. or
    3. EU criminal law : Pr. Maria Kaiafa-Gbandi, Pr. Didier Rebut (alternatively).

Preparatory courses

  1. For two weeks, between 1 and 15 September, students will take a compulsory preparatory course on EU law entitled "Introduction to European Law and Legal Terminology". This course will allow them to familiarize themselves with the terminology and fundamental questions of EU law and to prepare for the research that they will conduct during their studies.
  2. Intensive language course (English or French): As the courses will be held in two languages, in French or English, applicants wishing to enhance their knowledge of the second teaching language (depending on the main language chosen) will be able to take intensive language courses during the first 30 days of the first semester (from 15 September to 15 October) to improve knowledge of the language they know the least.

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