Deadline for submission: 31.03.2019


Admission - Selection procedure

LL.M. is accessible to students with a very good academic level, holding a law degree in their country of origin, with at least 240 ECTS credits equivalent to the Maîtrise en droit française.

Candidates submit their application files to CIEEL. CIEEL will be responsible for ensuring their language skills (level C1 required in French or English for the main language chosen and level B2 for the second) and will transmit to Paris II a complete file including all the necessary information, to establish the equivalence of academic qualifications for the admission of candidates.

A minimum of 20 students is required for the LL.M. to be operated (effective/ actual deadline June 30th of the academic year preceding the start of the course). Each academic year will have up to 30 students maximum.

Deadline for submission: 31.03.2019

Duration - Schedule of the Programme

The LL.M. takes place over the course of one academic year and comprises two semesters. The first semester from September 15th to December 15th and the second from January 15th to April 15th. The preparatory courses will run from September 1st.

The teaching staff will consist of professors from Paris II Panthéon-Assas University as well as from CIEEL.

The LL.M. course consists of 6 mandatory seminars per year. Students will have 20 hours of classes per week. Each semester will consist of 13 weeks of which 12 will be devoted to teaching and the last to exams. The total duration of each seminar is 60 hours. The students will have 180 hours of teaching per semester, or 360 hours in total.


The two official languages of the course will be French and English. Applicants must have one of two languages as the main working language (C1 level of the common European framework of reference for languages of the Council of Europe), the other being the second language (B2 level). The first semester will focus on core and less specialized subjects of EU law, organized into three full-time courses. The second semester will focus on more specialized subjects, similarly organized in three full-time courses.

Exams - Assessment of knowledge

Only one exam session is held each year at the end of each semester. There is no catch-up session.

In order to obtain the LL.M. in EU Economic Law, all students will have to successfully pass the exam of each course. Each professor will decide on the form of examination of his or her seminar, which can be written, oral or continuous. This exam is held in English or French, at the candidate's choice.

Each subject is scored out of 20. Students are admitted if they have obtained at least 60 points out of 120, an average of 10 out of 20 over the year of the course. The deliberation is organized at the premises of CIEEL under the supervision and approval of the Director of Course for Paris II. The minutes of the deliberations are transmitted to Paris II.

The diploma may be accompanied by the following mentions:

  • overall average rating equal to or greater than 13 out of 20: Good enough
  • overall average rating equal to or greater than 15 out of 20 : Good
  • overall average rating equal to or greater than 17 out of 20 : Very good

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for the academic year 2018-2019 amount to five thousand euros per year (€ 5,000). They can be paid in two installements at the beginning of each semester.

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