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Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas
Centre de Droit Economique International et Européen (CIEEL)

DU en Droit économique de l’UE / LL.M. in EU Economic Law
Name exactly as it appears in passport:
Surname (family name(s))(*)

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Date of birth(*)


Place of birth(*)

City, State/Province, Country


Permanent address(*)

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Higher Education: List all universities /law schools you have attended, beginning with the institution from which you received your first law degree, followed by the rest in reverse chronological order.
Law school(*)



Dates of attendance(*)

Degree or Diploma(*)

Date of Degree(*)

Other school

Other school, City, Country, Dates of attendance, Degree or Diploma, Date of Degree
Use a new row for each additional entry.

Academic honors

If you received any of your university or post-secondary degrees “with honors” or with some other distinction, please indicate the type of honors or distinction you received (e.g., magna cum laude, First Class Honors, très bien) and the dates on which you received them.

Language skills(*)

Please state what languages you know and your level of fluency. Basic User A1 or A2, Independent User B1 or B2 and Proficient User C1 or C2


List any books, articles, or theses you have published (give title, date of publication, and name of publisher).

Occupational experience(*)

Please provide information about your employment in law or law-related fields; include any full-time employment in any other field only if it lasted a year or more. If teaching, indicate in the “Brief description” field whether the position is/was in a law faculty and whether full- or part-time.

Academic interests(*)

Please indicate at least two areas of your academic interests

Career plans(*)

What are your career plans (both short-term and long-term) after you complete your LL.M. studies?

Purpose of study(*)

Please attach a personal statement that describes your academic interests and your purpose and objectives in undertaking LL.M. study.


Please give the names and professional positions of at least two persons whom you have asked to write letters of recommendation on your behalf.

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